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Top Realtor The Delaware Valley

The Dowd Group consists of a team of experienced successful Real Estate Agents in The Delaware Valley with a diverse background in Marketing. When searching for an option to sell your home, you can choose to work with an individual realtor or a team of realtors. Keep in mind your realtor fees will be about the same with either choice so it is an advantage to partner with a professional team of realtors with a diverse group of experts then working with a single real estate agent.

Our team at the Dowd Group includes award winning listing agents, buyer agents, staging professionals, Marketing experts, Videographers, Google Marketing Gurus and skilled Social Media professionals. Partnering with our team will allow you to get the highest dollar value for your home in the shortest period of time. We accomplish this by investing the marketing dollars and immediately exposing your home to potential buyers via:

  • Utilizing our large network of buyer agents, over 6,000 on our list
  • Professional videos of your home
  • Exposure on Google
  • Social media channels such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Top Real Estate magazines
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Realtor.com., Zillow, Trulia, Etc
  • The Dowd Group Homes for Sale, lead generation Website

We love to sell homes and we cannot wait for the opportunity to partner with you in selling your home at the highest value in the shortest period of time. To learn more about the Dowd Group or if you have any questions, please call us at 610.571.2526 or Contact us Online


Don Dowd: The Delaware Valley Award Winning Skilled Real Estate Agent

Top Realtor The Delaware Valley
Don Dowd an Award Winning RE/MAX Main Line Real Estate Agent, heads the Dowd Group. He built and leads this team of Real Estate and Marketing experts to help serve his clients better.

Don Dowd is one of the best realtors in The Delaware Valley . For his entire adult life, Don has been in sales, and he began his real estate career at a young age. When Don started out, the real estate market was tough - we were still in the midst of the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Don still managed to post exceptional sales numbers because of his passion, enthusiasm, and undying commitment to the success of his clients.

Don has pioneered a number of creative marketing tactics and is always looking for a way to give his clients the edge over their competition. He is backed by a team of top-notch specialists that leverage their expertise to put home sellers in the best possible position to make a successful sale.

The Delaware Valley Realtor Securing Top Dollar for your Home
If you want to sell your home at the best price, you need to look for a top realtor in The Delaware Valley . However, finding a good realtor may not be easy. They will all tell you that they can sell your house, but how many of them will actually show you that they can sell it? At The Dowd Group, our team has demonstrated consistently our ability to bring in buyers - even during the toughest markets.

We are passionate, responsive and we never charge any advance fees or pressure you to make a decision you don't want to make. In addition, when you partner with us, you do not have to sign a long-term contract. We believe we can sell your home quickly, and if we do not meet your expectations, you are always free to terminate the listing.

Top Realtor and Listing Agent The Delaware Valley Home Sellers Trust

Top Real Estate Agent The Delaware Valley
Homeowners that are serious about selling their home should look for a top listing agent. In The Delaware Valley , Don Dowd stands apart because of his willingness to invest what's necessary and his proven results. Don managed to negotiate to keep 99% of the commission he earns with RE/MAX Main Line, freeing up the resources he needs to find buyers for his clients.

Listing with The Dowd Group gains you access to a myriad of proven techniques to optimize your home's visibility in the marketplace; such as inclusion in Don's emails to his growing list of hundreds of buyer's agents and listings in several top real estate magazines in the area. The end result: your listing is seen by more prospects, heightening the chances of a quicker sale at a higher price.

Jason Lomberg: Advanced Internet Real Estate Marketing Methods in The Delaware Valley

Jason Lomberg - Real Estate Marketing Expert The Delaware Valley
Research indicates that upwards of 92% of prospective home buyers use the Internet during their search. In addition, roughly half of all consumers search for real estate using a mobile device. This means that the greater the Web exposure, the better the chances of your house being found online.

Jason Lomberg is a licensed real estate agent, The Delaware Valley real estate marketing expert and member of the The Dowd Group. With an MBA (including a concentration in eCommerce) and over 18 years of online marketing experience, Jason knows what it takes to give your listing optimal Internet visibility.

Jason specializes in Google search engine marketing, YouTube video search optimization, social media promotion, mobile Web marketing and online branding to popular real estate sites (such as realtor.com).

When you list with the Dowd Group, Jason gets right to work getting your home maximum Web visibility. This helps build the largest possible audience for your listing, bringing in an ideal buyer in a much shorter amount of time.

Overview of Jason Lomberg - Real Estate Internet Marketing Expert

  • 18 years of Internet Marketing Experience
  • 10 years of Google Marketing Experience
  • Specializes in getting your home listed at the top of Google
  • Manages the creation of professional videos of your home and optimizes for YouTube and Google
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Computer Science
  • Rutgers MBA with a concentration in eCommerce
  • You will be listed on mobile friendly Websites, 50% of buyers use mobile device in their home search
  • Exposure on 50+ Real Estate properties, Including our own properties that we optimize for high Google rankings, Social Media Websites such as Facebook & Twitter, and popular branded Websites such as realtor.com
  • Your listing will be sent to over 6000 local buyer agents with home buyers looking for a home in your area via email and Twitter immediately too quickly gain prospects who are interested in buying your home.

Caroline Barry: One of the Best Real Estate Agents in The Delaware Valley

Top Realtors in The Delaware Valley
Caroline Berry is a highly valued member of the Dowd Group. She primarily works as a buyer agent for RE/MAX Main Line in West Chester PA, helping buyers find and negotiate the home of their dreams. She also assists clients in selling their homes at the highest value in the shortest period of time.

Caroline currently lives in West Goshen PA, with her 4 beautiful children and a variety of pets. She is a passionate decorator and takes pride in her home decor abilities. Currently living in West Goshen, she resides with her 4 children and many pets. Caroline is also practiced at renovating and flipping real estate.

David J. DeLiberty: Financial Background & Realtor in The Delaware Valley
David is a certified real estate sales representative. After graduating from Villanova University in 1996 with a B.S. in Finance, David was employed as a Mutual Fund Account Supervisor for SEI Investments, in King of Prussia and the Delaware Group in Philadelphia for five years.

Feeling professionally unsatisfied he embarked on his next professional endeavor, the creation of his own company, Nu-Seal in 2003. As owner, he refined his skills in sales and marketing and rediscovered the importance of customer service.

As a life-long resident of Delaware County, with clientele throughout the surrounding counties, his knowledge of the local landscape in an invaluable resource.